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Hawaii 5-O

December 23, 2012
Kauai discovery

Kauai discovery

This photo is submitted by Kesley Patterson, of Montreal. Here’s the note he sent:
“Over a decade ago, in the summer of 2002, we took a family trip to Hawaii. Even at the age of 12 I knew how lucky I was to be there, and I think I realized then the importance of making the most of that trip. On the island of Kauai, we parked our car on the side of the road in a very remote location on the island (although they all felt remote), and with the help of a tour book, walked a kind of narrow, makeshift path through tall grass and (as we later discovered) poisonous weeds to arrive at this beautiful clearing. It was something of a paradise of different layered ponds and waterfalls for tourists in the know (or at least that’s how I remember it).

Anyway, from the edge of the lowest pond/pool there was a swing rope. And one by one the courageous would grab hold, swing, and let themselves drop. Like I said, I was 12 at the time, had little upper body strength, and was… a little scared. But I did it, held on, and will always remember that drop. And I would do it a million times over if I could. So, it isn’t quite dock jumping, but I couldn’t help but think of that moment when I stumbled across your blog.”


Pond Jumping on the Cape

September 9, 2012

When you can’t find a dock to jump off, find a good pair of hands!
Or grab the next best thing – like a windsurf board, which is a pretty handy mobile platform.
Canadians and vistors from France take to the pond in Harwich, Cape Cod.

Washington Cold Waves

January 18, 2011

From Susan Snyder:
“It was taken at Birch Bay in Birch Bay, Washington. It was a spring day and my son wanted to go in the cold water. We weren’t really prepared for swimming, but since he loves going in the water so much, I let him have fun.”

Arkansas Folly!

September 16, 2010

By the tips of his 2-year-old fingers!

The photos and note from Angela H. in Memphis, TN:
“For the first photo: My son Jacob (2 years) keeping himself entertained while Grandpa and Dad repaired our boat. Don’t worry I was close by and obviously had my eye on the child.
For the following 3: Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas. Labor Day weekend 2009. These are the High Boys doing what they do best! Even the youngins’ were raking a dive off the cliffs. Good times!”

Kawishiwi Lodge Jumping

May 2, 2010

All for one and one for all!

These pictures and the note from Mark in Iowa:

“I’ve attached four shots, all coincidently taken on July 7, in 2006, 2007, and 2008.  These photos are taken from the dock at Kawishiwi Lodge in far northern Minnesota, on Lake One in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  Our daughters and the daughters of the family we return to every year count dock jumping as one of the highlights of the week-long vacation.  They spend hours each day jumping off this dock!”

Waterton Lake Magic!

February 7, 2010

Razzu's not afraid of the cold water

These three photos submitted by Razzu. He’s jumping into spectacular Waterton Lake, at the south end, which is in Montana. The north end is in Alberta.

More Wisconsin dreamin’

January 24, 2010

From Peter Gnas

Form is good!

The Redgranite Quarry in Redgranite, Wisconsin is a large granite quarry decommissioned and filled with water. During the summer months, it is a beautiful place to spend the day swimming, SCUBA or just enjoying the sun

Wisconsin Dreamin’

January 24, 2010

From Peter Gnas:

Storybook jump

This was a day spent on the river in a tube and canoe with the family.
Tyler flying off the riverbank into the river.
One of the great things about Wisconsin is the vast amount of natural clay.. and even better, is a good steep riverbank of solid clay.. get it wet and slide in!

Photos taken using a cheap 35mm waterproof disposable.. it worked pretty good, its all about the fun!

Poetic Polar Bears spotted in Washington

January 10, 2010

Seattle's Polar Bear Plunge

Paul Gordon writes:

The above photo, and the next one below,  were taken on December 12th at Green Lake Bath House – Seattle. It was the 2nd annual Poetry Polar Bear Plunge. More info here…

Poetry Polar Bear Club

Noon, Saturday 12 December 2009

Green Lake Bath House Theatre | Seattle

Jump into the lake with a poem & a bikini. Don’t worry, your POETRY will PROTECT you. Yet again, the poets show Seattle what it takes to be one. This is year #2. Last year we made headline news & had a ton of fun. Join us this year?

CALLING ALL ARTISTS, poets, Alaska-natives and crazies. Looking for 50 hardy individuals to jump into Green Lake this December. It’s simple. Write a poem, put it on a bikini, put your bikini on & come to Green Lake at NOON on Saturday 12 December. We’ll be working up our courage behind the Bath House. Then, at 12:30pm, we’ll drop our fuzzy layers, line up on the water’s edge, read our poems to the massed and staring crowds and plunge on in! This is a quick event. If you’re late, you’ll miss it. Plan to be parked and ready to go at noon.

Even if you’re not willing to freeze your pants off, this is a spectacle worth attending. Come enjoy the poetry, sip some cocoa, have a laugh. The POETRY POLAR BEAR swim is the same day as the Pathway of Lights. Go Green Lake!

Deceptively attracting!

Looking for his watch

January 3, 2010

Photo by Grace Collins

Taken in Kent, Connecticut.  The picture is of James Evans.

Logan Canyon Foursome

November 13, 2009



The mirror reflection about to crack!

This photo from Tai Gray in Utah, who writes:

“It is about 1 hour 45 min north of Salt Lake City, Utah, right next to Utah State University. The picture was taken by me (Tai Gray), the people jumping are (from left to right) Curtis Koch, Nelson Davis, Justin Brush, and Robert Langton. The picture was taken on August 29, 2009 on a Boy Scout overnighter near Logan Canyon.


Concrete Jumping in Duluth

November 9, 2009



Drop like a stone in Duluth, MN

These photos from Perry Heideman, of Milwaukee, WI, who writes:

“It was taken July 19 of this year in the harbor of Duluth, MN. My wife and I were walking along the beautiful shore and harbor that Duluth has constructed. I noticed these kids swimming out and jumping off an old tilted concrete structure. It was getting late in the afternoon and the sunlight was making the scene look quite warm. Believe me, that water was anything but warm. I inquired about it later and someone told me it was called the “crypt”.

I saw quite a few boys and a few girls jump in. They were able to climb up using an aluminum ladder that was roped rather crudely to one side of the structure. Apparently after you were out there for a bit, your friends on shore would yell and encourage you to jump. It was fun to watch and I wanted to make sure I caught a few of them “in transit”. ”


group jumping

Strength in numbers

more group jumping

There's only one way to go!




Crater Jumping!

October 21, 2009

cliff jump small

This photo from Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA.

Compliments of Alex Head, who writes:

“The photo (which is me) was taken on the shore of Crater Lake at the bottom of the Cleetwood Cove Trail. There’s one big rock you can jump off–my friend and I watched a few other people jump in before we took the plunge. It was about a month ago, the weekend after Memorial Day. I’m pretty sure we were the last people to jump in that day because it was getting toward evening.”

Alex has a great website about hiking, with lots of variety, from pictures to great podcasts. Check it out :

Salt Lake Daredevil!

October 12, 2009
Eyes on the prize!

Eyes on the prize!

From Gareth in Utah:

Photo taken by me (Gareth Loosle), the person jumping is my friend Jake Zimmerli, the other people in the photo weren’t part of our group. It was taken on East Canyon Reservoir ( up east canyon) which is about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, UT.  Taken on August 29, 2009.

For other photos by Gareth Loosle, check out:

Catalina Glider

October 5, 2009
Catalina glider

Catalina glider

“This photo was taken on August 31. 2009. The young man is jumping off the captains deck on a 60 foot Hatteras. We were anchored off the coast of Catalina Island in Southern California. The photo was taken with a Canon G10.”
-Matt Decell

At the foot of Whiteface

September 30, 2009
Champlain goggle jumper

Champlain goggle jumper

Who:  Ben Jackson
Where: Essex NY – Lake Champlain – McKenna Dock
When: 8/25/09
Why:  We just finished hiking two of the High Peaks in the Adirondacks (Whiteface and Esther Mountains).  The temperatures were pretty high, so we decided to cool down and wash off some of the sweat and mud from a 10 mile hike.

Tri-State Jump!

September 28, 2009
The Devster on the cool down

The Devster on the cool down

From James:

“This was my friend Dev jumping off his dock durning a bachelor party in south Georgia near the Alabama/Florida state line.”

Tri-State Jump

Tri-State Jump

No gators in this Florida pond

September 25, 2009
Double trouble under coconut trees

Double trouble under coconut trees

It’s early to be thinking about winter vacations in Florida, but Andrew in Toronto reminds us of what some of the fuss is all about:

“We don’t have access to a lake – but we like jumping in water…
This is Sammy and Ryan making the most of spring break in Florida – February ’07.
By the look on the their faces, it was the first day of vacation.”

Ohio Heisman candidate!

September 23, 2009
Brilliant blue

Brilliant blue

From Ohio reader:

“Nine year old daughter, Adryan jumping from the side of a boat into Tappan Lake in Scio Ohio during Labor Day weekend 2009.  Once she’s in the water it’s hard to get her out!

We love going to Tappan during the summer, just about every other weekend.  Lots of swimming, boating and some fishing too!”

Twin Peaks

September 19, 2009
sunset in Finland

sunset in Finland

The twins-Caitlin and Jon

The twins-Caitlin and Jon

This note from Karen, in Pennsylvania:

I love these photos of my twins, Caitlin and Jon, who were 20 at the
time and living in Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA.  When these photos
were taken, during the Summer of 2007, we were visiting the family of
Annastiina, an exchange student from Finland who had lived with us in
the states a couple years prior.  We’d spent a magical day with her
gracious family at their summer cottage on a beautifully pristine lake
near Nurmes, Finland, the land of 10,000 lakes.

Jon said, “I felt joyous at the time because we’d just come from the
hot sauna and needed some refreshing water.  I like not knowing what
to expect when you hit bottom, but knowing you’re going to hit some
freezing water first–there’s some risk to that.”

For Caitlin, leaping was the easiest way to approach freezing
water–“It was such a rush!”

I enjoyed (and still do) the sheer pleasure on their faces during that
suspended moment when the language of joy reads the same in any

Michigan Cool Down

September 12, 2009
Ashley's move

Ashley's move

These photos and note from Sarah in Michigan. They have a cabin at Grayling.

“On this particular day, we had spent a good part of the day canoeing the AuSable River, so everyone had some extra energy to burn off after sitting so long. In these pictures, my husband, Tom, and his niece, Ashley, we trying to “out-do” each other with jumps and spins off the end of the dock. I decided to snap a few pictures because they were so nicely silhouetted by the setting sun.”

Tom's Plunge

Tom's Plunge

New Hampshire Eagle!

September 8, 2009
This ain't no otter!

This ain't no otter!

What a rich story is captured with this leap. The moment is a busy one. This is the note Vikki, from New England,  has written:

“My daughter, Ainslie, decided to do a spread eagle jump, unbeknownst to me, her mom, as I held my finger to my camera’s shutter button. The shot was taken after her swim lesson, and her teacher is at left. I wanted to capture a few good memories of her summer, the majority of which was spent at a day camp, Camp Otter, in Salem, N.H., where the photo was taken on Aug. 16, 2007. The lake offers quintessential New England scenery. I wanted to keep the foreground ducks in the frame, although I had no idea a family of ducks would appear between her legs mid-jump in the distance, nor did I fathom a water skier to pass by at the same moment.”

Adirondack Jump

September 8, 2009
Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope

This photo from Michael F. Ryan, who writes from his favorite spot in the northeastern United States:

“This picture was taken on the North end of Lake George in the Adirondack mountains of Northern NY.”

The lake is stunning, situated halfway between Montreal and New York city!