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Concrete Jumping in Duluth

November 9, 2009



Drop like a stone in Duluth, MN

These photos from Perry Heideman, of Milwaukee, WI, who writes:

“It was taken July 19 of this year in the harbor of Duluth, MN. My wife and I were walking along the beautiful shore and harbor that Duluth has constructed. I noticed these kids swimming out and jumping off an old tilted concrete structure. It was getting late in the afternoon and the sunlight was making the scene look quite warm. Believe me, that water was anything but warm. I inquired about it later and someone told me it was called the “crypt”.

I saw quite a few boys and a few girls jump in. They were able to climb up using an aluminum ladder that was roped rather crudely to one side of the structure. Apparently after you were out there for a bit, your friends on shore would yell and encourage you to jump. It was fun to watch and I wanted to make sure I caught a few of them “in transit”. ”


group jumping

Strength in numbers

more group jumping

There's only one way to go!