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Geres Falling!

October 31, 2010

Spectacularly frightening!

This contribution is from Nelson Faria, who writes:
“It was taken in Geres, Portugal(41.805002 -8.126503), my country 🙂
Geres is a natural reserve in north of Portugal.”


Austrian Alternatives

December 24, 2009

Can't wait to get in!

Bombs away

Austrian Olympic team?

Who can stand?

These photos taken in Austria, by visiting Spaniard Antonio Carralón, who writes:

Some young people arrive and ruin our stillness jumping from the diving board somewhere in the Tyrol, Austria, july 2009. Then I fell I’m becoming older bacause I’d love to jump with them but the water is so cold…. Anyway I love dock jumping!!”

Reaching New Plymouth Heights

November 24, 2009


And all those watching cheered!

Theo Stanton writes from the UK:

“This is my friend Chris breaking into and jumping off a board in Plymouth, UK. Sunset of an evening in spring. That’s shallow water…Taken early spring this year, a while before it opened for tourists in Plymouth. Although I’m not sure how many venture into cold water ! Your blog’s interesting ! Each photo captures a great moment of suspended energy !”

For more of Theo’s photos, check out:


Finished with Fear of Heights

November 14, 2009



They call it the Ruotsalainen

From Mitro Härkönen:

“My friend Toni tries to make supreme splash with the jump called “ruotsalainen” (“swedish”).
Location: Finland, Ruovesi
The picture was taken by me (Mitro Härkönen) in June 23, 2006 (Midsummer)”




Post-sauna therapy

More from Mitro:

“Our midsummer sauna sessions ended to the lake. In Finland it is not allowed to wear any clothes when taking bath in a sauna – why wearing any when running in to the water. Person in the picture is a girl.
Location: Finland, Ruovesi
The picture was taken by me (Mitro Härkönen) in June 22, 2006”



A Scottish Leap of Faith!

November 4, 2009


Scottish leap of faith

Scots do it with style!

This snapshot from Katy Plume, who writes:


“The picture was taken in July 2009, at Banff Harbour, on the North-East coast of Scotland.

Two teenage boys just playing about on a sunny day, although the water is still pretty cold at that time of year, this kind of past-time is deemed as a bit of a rite of passage in these areas, as nearly all youngsters get involved at some point in harbour jumping, especially in the summer holidays!!”

Explorer takes a break in the UK!

October 14, 2009
Alastair Humphreys Self-portrait!

Alastair Humphreys Self-portrait!

What do you do when not traveling around the world on a solo expedition?

Here, Alastair Humphreys attempts to master a self-portrait against the sunset, and does a pretty good job of it!

Humphreys is an adventurer known for, among other things, his 4-year trip around the world on a bicycle.

Here’s the information on the photo:

1. The Camel Estuary, Cornwall.  September, 2009.
2. On holiday relaxing between adventures!
3. I am from Yorkshire

Swedish Swing

October 8, 2009
Deserted island jumping in Sweden

Deserted island jumping in Sweden

From Stefan Jorgensen, in Sweden: “This a picture of a friend of mine. It was taken in southeren Sweden on the 21 of august. We sailed to a deserted island and found a nice cliff for jumping.”

Twin Peaks

September 19, 2009
sunset in Finland

sunset in Finland

The twins-Caitlin and Jon

The twins-Caitlin and Jon

This note from Karen, in Pennsylvania:

I love these photos of my twins, Caitlin and Jon, who were 20 at the
time and living in Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA.  When these photos
were taken, during the Summer of 2007, we were visiting the family of
Annastiina, an exchange student from Finland who had lived with us in
the states a couple years prior.  We’d spent a magical day with her
gracious family at their summer cottage on a beautifully pristine lake
near Nurmes, Finland, the land of 10,000 lakes.

Jon said, “I felt joyous at the time because we’d just come from the
hot sauna and needed some refreshing water.  I like not knowing what
to expect when you hit bottom, but knowing you’re going to hit some
freezing water first–there’s some risk to that.”

For Caitlin, leaping was the easiest way to approach freezing
water–“It was such a rush!”

I enjoyed (and still do) the sheer pleasure on their faces during that
suspended moment when the language of joy reads the same in any

Catalonia Flip

September 17, 2009
Anonymous is upside down in Catalonia

Anonymous is upside down in Catalonia

Joseba Calle from Barcelona sent this one in. He took the picture in Banyoles, Catalonia, Spain. It was actually taken in July, and he doesn’t know the person making the flip. He used an after effect to give the photo an antique look.

Jumping in Croatia

August 30, 2009

This contribution comes all the way from Croatia, where Julien Pinson captured this incredible self-portrait. He writes:

“Le saut est sur l’ile de lokrum en Croatie, à proximité de Dubrovnik et c’est moi qui saute sur la photo.”

Julien Pinson self-portrait on the island of Lokrum, Croatia

Julien Pinson self-portrait on the island of Lokrum, Croatia

For more of Julien Pinson’s work, go to:

Jumping in Italy!

August 23, 2009

Secret swimming hole

Secret swimming hole

July 2009
Italian Countryside- Just outside Castelletto