Dockjumping – where water and fun meet

Safe at second!

If you want to share a photo of yourself, a friend, or family member jumping in, please send it to me at:

It’s one thing to be alive, another to FEEL alive. Dockside, it’s impossible not to FEEL alive when you seek out where water and air meet.

This blog site is a gathering point for all those people who dare to dream and let themselves leap into life. As simple as the act of jumping in may be, it represents the crucial first step we take in any significant human endeavor. And it all starts with believing in yourself.

Oh ya, and the snapshots of people jumping in water are also pretty spectacular!


4 Responses to “Dockjumping – where water and fun meet”

  1. Ray Says:


    Thanks for putting this together, it looks great!

  2. dockjumping Says:

    This comment from Elisabeth in Temiscamingue, Quebec:

    “It’s kind of goofy but cool. Makes me realize though that I’ve never taken pictures of hubby or my son jumping off the dock which they often do together. My son also loves to include a long run before leaping so he gets a bigger “jump” (splash). I should be capturing the memories!”

  3. dockjumping Says:

    Ita from Montreal, Quebec writes:

    “I wish I had pictures from some lovely jumping off points I knew as
    a kid – especially one in New Hampshire (I think the campground was
    called Sacoe River) – there was a railway bridge, a small but deep and
    clear river and a great big rope hanging down from the bridge and
    which kids could use to swing out and then plunge into the river…classic!”

  4. Dan Says:

    Great Pics! Thanks for putting this up on the web. I will have to spread the word like I did the water in some of the photos!!

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